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Sophie Crew Photography

San Diego Baby Photographer

Sophie Crew Photography
San Diego Newborn Photographer
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Newborn Photography

Tiny little newborns...

Take a peek at San Diego’s newest and cutest brand new babies!  Newborn photography is my thing.  I love it. Like, really.

Maternity Photography

Beautiful bellies...

Joy, anticipation, and that ‘glow’ in pregnancy… capture the magic of life you’re growing inside…

Baby Photography

Adorable Babies...

3, 6, 9 months, one year, and all those months in between… every milestone deserves to be celebrated!

Child Photography

Cute kiddos...

Let your child pick their photography session theme and let’s run wild with fun and imagination!

Newborn and Family Photographer San Diego, CA

Sweet families...

Family photography isn’t just for Holiday cards… capture the love your family shares all year long…

Cake Smash Photography

Cute Cake Smashes...

Is your baby turning one?  A cake smash is such a fun way to celebrate!  Join me in the studio for baby’s first birthday!

COVID-19 and your Newborn Photography Session

Dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic 2020COVID-19 and Newborn Photography...   Well, what a crazy time we are currently living through. First and foremost, I want you to know that I hope that you and your families are healthy, safe and are doing well during this...

Outdoor Newborn Photography

Newborn photography sessions held outdoors in San Diego County. Outdoor newborn photography sessions are so much fun.  Not only is it an opportunity to step outside of the studio, but also to take advantage of our gorgeous San Diego scenery.  Every session...

Valentines Mini Sessions

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Photography Gift Certificates

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Peace, Love and Pajamas Studio Mini Sessions

Peace Love and Pajamas Studio Mini Sessions Christmas Pajama Themed Studio Sessions Are you SO excited?  It's time for Jingle Bells, Elf on the Shelf, freshly baked Christmas cookies and most fa-la-la of all, our annual Peace, Love and Pajamas Studio Mini Sessions! ...

Halloween Studio Mini Sessions

Halloween Mini Sessions Boo!  It's time for some costume fun in the studio! Halloween Studio Mini Sessions It's time for our annual Halloween Studio Mini Sessions!  I'm so excited to see your littles in their 2018 Halloween costumes! When? Friday, October 19th from 9:...

Fall Studio Mini Sessions

Fall 2018 Studio Mini Sessions San Diego Baby and Child Photography It's that time of year!  Pumpkin spiced lattes, back to school, eyeing those UGG Boots in the closet, and getting your little cuties photographed to celebrate the new season! Come join Sophie Crew...

Most popular Newborn Photography Posing Ideas

Most Popular Newborn Photography Posing Ideas Posed Newborn Photography Ideas Hi fellow newborn photographers, new parents, friends and everyone reading this post!  Eek, it's been a while since I have blogged, It's been a busy summer of vacations, entertaining the...

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

Mommy and Me Mommy and Me Mini Sessions 2018   There's nothing sweeter than the love between a mother and their child (ok dads, you're pretty awesome too).  It's time to get out from behind your iPhone camera and join your little one(s) for a special set of mini...

Tips for Attending a Newborn Photography Mentoring Workshop

Tips for Attending a Newborn Photography Mentoring Workshop Tips for photographers attending newborn posing workshops and mentoring sessions... Hey photographers! This is it.  You've been photographing newborns here and there, you've decided to take the plunge and...

Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Being a Newborn Photographer

Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Being a Newborn Photographer Loving the Art of Newborn Photography San Diego Newborn Photographer My photography career began with the birth of my first daughter, Ava, almost 12 years ago.  Without a 'real' camera, any photography training or...

California Kids in a Field of Poppies

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Beautiful Maternity Beach Session in San Diego

Beautiful Maternity Beach Session in San Diego Celebrating the anticipated arrival of #2 with a maternity session in La Jolla, CA I truly enjoyed photographing beautiful mama-to-be (again), Jessica, for her beautiful maternity beach session a few weeks ago at one of...

Horses, Wildflowers and Childhood Magic in San Diego

Horses, Wildflowers and Childhood Magic Kids making magic in the San Diego wildflowers...   I was so excited to find that my favorite little wildflowers location here in San Diego was in full bloom.  I talked to my friend and fellow photographer, Jessica, and we...

Infant Photography Mini Sessions

Infant Photography Mini Sessions A COUPLE OF RECENT MINI NEWBORN SESSIONS I'm loving all of these sweet newborn babies that have been welcomed to the world recently.  Infant photography is such my passion... I LOVE getting to snuggle these sweeties durning our time...

Photography for Older Newborn Babies

Newborn Photography for Older Babies Older Newborn Photography If you're an expectant parent or a brand new one, and have been doing your research on newborn photography, you might have noticed that almost all newborn photographers recommend that your newborn session...

A Magical Child Photography Session with Bunnies

A Magical Child Photography Session with Bunnies Child Portrait Photography in Nature Location, San Diego. Bunnies!  Oh yes, sweet, baby bunnies!  Four of them!  This was such a magical session - I couldn't wait to share with you all! When Madison's mama and fellow...

Outdoor newborn photography in San Diego, CA

An Outdoor Newborn Photography Session Newborn Photography in nature, San Diego, CA If you live in San Diego, you are very well aware of the crazy amounts of rain we have been getting over the past few weeks.  We have definitely needed all of it, and it's so great...

Newborn Mentoring: San Diego

Newborn Mentoring Photography Sophie Crew Photography, San Diego, CA. Handsome baby boy, Kalino, was our sweet model for my newborn mentoring session in the fall.  I love being able to provide mentoring workshops to fellow photographers wishing to better their posing...

Tips for Parents to Prepare for the Newborn Session

Preparing for your Newborn Photography Session A handy guide to help parents prepare for their newborn studio session! How exciting!  You're either expecting the arrival of your brand new baby or you're already holding your sweet newborn in your arms!  Either way,...

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Check out San Diego Baby Photographer, Sophie Crew,  behind the scenes during an infant photography session in her baby studio.


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Is my newborn too old to be photographed?
Nope!  Ideally, we want to aim for your newborn photography session to take place around days 6-8.  This isn’t a magic number, but generally, the younger the newborn, the more he or she will stay asleep for that intricate posing during our session.  Their little bodies are still used to being super curled up, and my newborn posing mimics the comfort and ‘curliness’ that is experienced in utero.  However, I always like to give mom and dad a few days to come home from the hospital or birthing center, get the hang of having a newborn, and most importantly, if mom is choosing to breastfeed, this will give mom and baby enough time for milk production to be in full swing, allowing for a fuller, more satisfied baby.  ‘Older’ newborns are considered to be 2 weeks and older.  Around two weeks of age, you may notice that your little one is more alert and awake, and that there may be a bit of baby acne that appears around this stage.  I carefully use Photoshop for editing, so don’t worry about any baby acne or marks.  In terms of baby being awake for longer periods of the day, the general expectation is that baby might be awake for longer during our session, which means less time for intricate ‘sleepy’ poses.  I love an alert newborn, as one of my favorite things is getting your newborn to make that amazing eye contact!  During a full, three hour session, I always find that an older infant will always fall asleep at some point, allowing for ‘sleepy’ posing,  especially with proper preparations from both parents and myself.  For mini newborn sessions, as we are limited to one hour, your older newborn may decide to stay awake for the entirety of our session, and that’s ok!  We will focus on getting that eye contact while working on keeping baby happy in more awake-style posing.
What can I expect from my FULL newborn session?
Our full newborn session is a three hour event.  Many parents don’t realize that we actually will utilize most of that three hour block.  I always provide preparation instructions prior to our session so that we can maximize our session time together.  During this session, we have plenty of time to capture family and sibling shots, and can take a few breaks for feedings and cuddles, as well as prop, outfit, and blanket/color changes.  During this session, it is common to have a ratio of more ‘sleepy’ poses with a few ‘awake’ poses mixed in. Please be sure to feed baby fully right before our session. I am typically in the studio about 15 minutes before our session, so please feel free to come in so that you can feed baby while I set up, so that we can begin right away with a sleepy, happy baby. It is important that baby be fully fed – we want baby to be ‘Thanksgiving Day Full’ to ensure a happy and comfortable sleep and session. The use of a pacifier during our session may help our session run more smoothly, in the event that baby might need additional soothing during our session. A pacifier will help a baby that might not be hungry but needs to be soothed back to a comfortable sleep. I highly recommend bringing one along to our session, just in case. Although we will focus on baby during our session, I love capturing baby with his/her family. If you wish to be included in a couple of images with your new little one, I recommend wearing a neutral or natural, solid colored top. We will work these images into the beginning of our session. If bringing older siblings to our session to be photographed with baby, I highly recommend that a family member or friend tag along in a separate car to bring older siblings home or out to the park, breakfast, etc once our portion of the session is over. I like to photograph family and siblings during the first half hour of our session, then move onto focusing on baby. Here is a great blog post on how to prepare for your newborn session!
What if my baby poops on everything?
This is the #1 biggest concern from my newborn parents!  It’s totally a non-issue.  Your baby is a poop making machine, and ‘shots’ are fired constantly in that cute little diaper-covered bum.  For our session, your newborn will be diaper-less for the majority of our session.  Pee and poop are a common occurrence on my beanbag blankets.  It’s ok!  The wraps, rompers and blankets I use are gently machine washed, and precautions are taken, such as using a ‘piddle pad’ under certain blankets and having anti-stain spray ready for any aftermath.  It’s ok!  I’ve been projectile pooped on many times!  Don’t worry about it!
How do I book a newborn session date if my baby doesn't arrive on his/her due date?
Super common question!  As soon as you book your newborn photography session via the booking links provided, I will have your due date listed in my calendar.  As babies come when they decide to, I will ask that you simply email or call as soon as baby arrives, and after you’ve called your family and friends to let them know the good news.  As soon as I receive your email or call, we will then be able to officially schedule our session date.  I like to book our newborn session for around days 6-8, so it’s important that you call or email asap after baby’s birth so that we can schedule for that time.
Should I bring anything to my newborn session?
I have all of the hats, headbands, props, blankets, rompers, etc… that we will need on hand in the studio.  I have quite a variety that I have put together throughout the years, with props and accessories from places like Etsy, specialty newborn prop and fabric vendors and antique stores.  Although I have everything we will need from start to finish, you are welcome to bring in a special keepsake, blanket, or accessory that you wish to have incorporated in the session.  The most common items that parents bring in are hand knit blankets rom great-grandma or a token of representation of parent professions or hobbies, such as firefighter boots or helmet, football, etc… Please keep in mind that our time might be limited during a mini newborn session, and that we may not have enough time to get to more than one or two additional accessories that are brought in.
What can I expect from my MINI newborn session?
Our one-hour mini newborn session is a condensed version of the original newborn session in which we will work quickly yet carefully to achieve the best poses we can during our time together.  Mini newborn sessions typically include three different setups.  During this hour, your newborn may or may not want to sleep.  I have had many mini newborns sleep the entire time of our session, and others that have not wanted to miss a beat, and choose to stay up for the entire session.  Please keep in mind that as our time is very short, and newborns are so sweet, yet so unpredictable, I cannot guarantee that they will sleep in order to get those ‘sleepy’ poses for our session. What if your little one won’t sleep?  That’s ok!  I prepare all three of my ‘mini stations’ for both options – sleepy or awake.  As an example, I would have my beanbag and blanket picked out and ready for your sleepy newborn to be posed in the ‘froggy’ or ‘taco’ pose, and if baby is awake, a swaddle will be within arm’s reach to position baby in a ‘cocoon’ with his or her legs, toes and fingers either covered or peeking through, depending on your baby’s comfort level.  My main goal is to keep your infant happy and cozy during our session! The following preparation recommendations are extremely important in ensuring that we achieve a good variety of poses during our short time together. Ideally, we aim to have baby remain asleep during the entirety of the session, as intricate posing can be achieved with a sleeping baby. Please arrive at the studio FIFTEEN minutes prior to your scheduled session time. This is important as the extra time will allow you to undress baby, get him/her comfortable with the studio and to also ‘top off’ baby with food to ensure a full and happy tummy. Please be sure to feed baby FULLY right before leaving from your home to come to the studio. It is important that baby be fully fed – we want baby to be ‘Thanksgiving Day Full’ to ensure a happy and comfortable sleep and session. The use of a pacifier during our session may help our session run more smoothly, in the event that baby might need additional soothing during our session. A pacifier will help a baby that might not be hungry but needs to be soothed back to a comfortable sleep. I strongly recommend bringing one along to our session. The use of a parent’s finger as a pacifier is not recommended as hands tend to get in the way of posing. Here is a great blog post that I put together showcasing two cutie pies during their mini newborn session.  One stayed awake, one was asleep.  Both were adorable!
What if my infant is fussy?
Your newborn is brand new to the world, and can’t use words to explain how they feel.  Your little one might feel hungry, might need some comforting, or have a bit of tummy troubles during our newborn photography session.  These are all normal and common things, and through my years of experience with babies, I have learned the best ways to comfort and soothe your newborn in times of fussiness.  I have written a great blog post that has been featured on BabyCenter, and it is a great little article to read for first time parents looking for some ideas to soothe their little one in general.  You can read up on my calming techniques here.


I recently had my newborn photos taken with Sophie, and she was absolutely amazing to work with! She had everything in her office so I didn’t have to worry about finding and bows or headbands(I have a baby girl). She styled out everything beforehand so it was ready to go. Then she was very patient with my kids, I wanted a shot with all 5 (my girl has 4 older brothers who are quite wild), and Sophie was great with all of them. On top of that the photos are AMAZING like magazine worthy. Worth every penny.

We have done two baby sessions with Sophie Crew and each time she blew us away with how smoothly the sessions went and how amazingly and artistically she captured all five members of our family. She captured expressions we didn’t even know we had. We are absolutely in love with the baby and family photos and will surely be returning to Sophie Crew in the future!
– Ellen N, Newborn and Baby Portraits

We had a great experience with Sophie. She was kind, communicative, and, most importantly, wonderful with our fussy infant daughter. The poses she ultimately captured were cute and whimsical. Highly recommend.
– Sunil S, Posed Newborn Portrait Session

She is amazing!! I was searching for maternity photoshoot and came across Sophie’s website. I loved her pictures and the colors in it.

I knew I had picked the right photographer and that I would like my session with her… But she outdid herself, my picture looked amazing (and I’m very picky how I look on pictures). Of course I decided to do my newborn session with her as well and again, the pictures were just beautiful! Thank you Sophie!!
-Andrea G, Maternity and Newborn Photography Sessions

      I heard of Sophie Crew Photography from another mom in my La Leche League group. I saw her son’s newborn photos and totally swooned!! Sophie is very friendly and accommodating. She is so patient and kind with newborns. I have a very cuddly baby who never wants to be put down. I love all of the photos Sophie was able to capture. She is a true professional. We fondly call her a baby sculptor 🙂 – Lindsay G. via Google, San Diego Newborn Posed Studio Photography
Sophie is amazing with newborns and her photographs are priceless.  Her patience and skill in posing newborns in order to capture the perfect shot is incredible.  We have so many of her pictures on display in our house and I receive compliments from everyone who sees them. – Dana G. via Yelp Newborn Photography Session
We did our newborn shoot with Sophie. This is my first baby, so I’m new to everything- including how infant photography works. I was so impressed with Sophie’s work. She has such talent and you can tell that she puts her passion in each shot. She has such finesse when it comes to capturing the perfect moment! And patience! It takes so much patience to get that perfect shot, and that’s why she nails it every time! She captured some of the sweetest smiles of our new baby! She somehow knew when that magic moment would happen, and she waited patiently for it! We are so in love with our photos! They captured moments that will now live on my wall forever. Sophie is so warm and caring. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her work. We are so grateful to her, and I highly recommend her to anyone! – Suzie W via Yelp Newborn portrait session
Sophie was awesome. My daughter was born premature but Sophie still found a away to take care of us with the late notice. She was so patient and so sweet. She always found the time to reply to my messages. I can’t wait to get our first family shoot done with her. – Raquel G via Yelp Newborn photography
Sophie has a gift with newborns– truly! She captured our baby boy beautifully. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for newborn photos. Studio is nice, easy to locate, and she has a plethora of props. Would use her services again without question. – Lauren G via Yelp Posed newborn photography
I brought in my 4 week old baby today (keep in mind 4 weeks can be a bit of a struggle as they are more awake and active) and the experience was great. She is kind and experienced.  She was able to soothe my son through the shoot even when I was having a hard time. She is a mother of two and really handled my son well as if it were her own. I would recommend you get your infant photographed by Sophie Crew, honestly there is nothing like cherishing these photos for a lifetime! – Diane M via Yelp Infant photography
I had such a wonderful experience with Sophie Crew Photography! She captured our baby girl at a week old and I will cherish her pictures forever. Watching her work with our brand we baby was so calming. She was so gentle and patient with her from start to finish. Our baby had a difficult time staying still for the poses and I was slightly worried that we would not get the shots we wanted. I nearly cried when the pictures came through because they were everything I had envisioned. I am so glad we chose you Sophie and we plan on using you again. You are amazing at what you do!! Thank you!! – Bronte D via Yelp Newborn baby photography
Sophie is an amazing photographer! She did our engagement, maternity, and newborn pictures, and we could not be more happy with the results! Watching her photograph our 7 day old baby was really something to see. Getting a newborn to “pose,” isn’t exactly easy, but Sophie positioned him with such precision and care that he was really comfy and mostly just slept though the whole thing happily. 🙂 When she did our maternity pictures, we went to Windansea beach. It was very crowded but Sophie successfully photoshopped out all the other people so it looked like my husband and I were on our own private beach! She also has a great personality which makes the session fun. I would highly recommend Sophie to anyone wanting beautiful pictures! – Stephanie B via Yelp Belly to Baby Photography, Maternity and Newborn Portrait Sessions
I recently had the pleasure of having Sophie take my son’s first birthday cake smash as well as our family end of the year photos! And let me tell you, they turned out amazing! Plus, Sophie is so kind & was so patient throughout our whole session both cake smash in the morning & family photos late afternoon at the park! I have never taken any professional photos for my kids & family until now & we were so lucky to have such an amazing experience with Sophie! Now we have memorable photos we can look back on & cherish! Thanks Sophie Crew Photography! – Tess B via Yelp Cake Smash and Family Portrait Photography
Sophie does such an amazing job! Her work is unique and second to none. She is sweet, professional and is so patient with babies! – Brian via Yelp Baby photography
We had our newborn shoot for my baby girl this week and I am SO excited to see the pictures!!! I didn’t have enough time to feed her until she was COMPLETELY full so that she would pass out because we ended up running behind (still getting the hang of this – FTM lol) so she was quite the fussy baby and would not close her eyes or relax for pictures. Sophie was still so patient with her and was wonderful at handling her and swaddled her in the most adorable little blankets. My heart just melted when I saw my baby! The studio is so soothing for a baby, she has aromatherapy and relaxing music the entire time. We can’t wait to see the pictures! – Sarah N via Yelp Infant Posed Newborn Photography
I was looking for a local newborn photographer last minute as my baby was born 4 weeks earlier than expected when I found Sophie’s website. I loved the pictures that I saw on her website but I had no idea how much I would LOVE the ones she took of our little girl, Rayna! Not only was she super gentle while soothing her, she was also very understanding of newborn quirks (poop happens, literally LOL!) She also took her time providing each outfit and coming up with beautiful poses, all while carefully securing my 6 day old with each photo. I am certainly going to be booking Sophie for more life events, I can’t stop showing off our babies’ pictures and seriously could not recommend her enough! If you have the privilege of booking with Sophie Crew Photography all I can say is – you will NOT be disappointed! 🙂 – Liz C via Yelp Newborn and Baby Photography
We loved our experience with Sophie! We did the Peace, Love and Pajamas sessions last december for my son’t first Christmas and my daughter’s second. She was so great (and patient) with my toddler and infant! Her studio is so nice and cozy and she has a warm, calming energy! All of our family just loved the photos, too. Can’t wait for our session this year. 🙂 Thanks, Sophie! You are an artist. – Sheri T via Yelp Mini Holiday Portraits
Sophie’s pictures are amazing! Her newborn images are simply perfect. She is a true baby whisperer. – Christianne D via Yelp Mother’s Day Mini Sessions
Sophie has been Capturing our Family Memories for almost 5 years now! From Maternity, Newborn & Family sessions. I don’t even know how to thank her for how amazing she is. Her talent and creativity show through every single picture. I’ve had 2 newborn session experiences with her and every time, she has been awesome! Her studio is nice and cozy and she deals with babies like a pro! Our outdoor sessions are also so much fun! Thanks again : ) Can’t wait for future sessions! XOXO – Rita S via Yelp Newborn, Child and Family Photography
I am so glad to have decided to use Sophie for our newborn session. She was so professional and patient with our baby boy. Watching her work was a treat! My four-year-old daughter was camera shy and she was able to get her to relax and smile in order to get the most beautiful shots. Her studio is amazing and she makes you feel like at home. She also delivered the finished product on time and as promised. We are extremely happy with her work (can’t stop looking at the pictures!) and would highly recommend. – Isis C via Yelp Newborn Studio Photography
Sophie is absolutely wonderful! She has now done my maternity photos, newborn photos for my son and our family Christmas photos–and we plan to keep coming back! Sophie is especially amazing when it comes to newborn photos (just look at her work!). I have never seen anyone so gentle, calm and patient in my life. She is a true “baby whisperer” if I’ve ever seen one. Highly recommend! – Bethany H via Yelp Belly to Baby – Pregnancy, Newborn and Family Portraits
Sophie did an amazing job with our newborn son! The pictures she took of him were absolutely beautiful and adorable! She was incredibly patient with our son, and she was able to get him into super adorable poses. Everyone we showed his pictures to said they were the best newborn pictures they’ve seen. Also, the photos she sends over are super high definition. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants beautiful newborn photos. – Janet, Newborn Photography San Diego
Sophie has shot newborn photos of both my daughters. She is extremely patient and talented to always capture the perfect shot and moments. She’s extremely professional and has amazing props that really add to the photos. She takes at least three hours with each client, ensuring a wide range of images. She is also very quick to turn around the images and respond to any requests you have. I’d definitely recommend her if you want photos of your children to display forever. – Stephanie K via Yelp Infant Photography
Sophie is amazing. Our newborn photos are gorgeous. She spent so much time with the little one to get him comfortable and in adorable positions. You definitely need a newborn photographer for newborn photos, as it is a unique process. – Emily H via Yelp Newborn Portraits
Sophie is an amazing woman with AMAZING talent! You are missing out if you do not book with her! I have now worked with her twice and both times have been absolutely  amazing, and leaving me IN LOVE with her work!!!! She is by far one of my favorite photographers in San Diego!!! – Rebecca S via Yelp Baby Photography
Wow. Sophie is absolutely amazing. My husband and I are so in love with our newborn photos. They’re so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at them!  For me, it is always awe inspiring when you find a photographer that is creative,  patient,  and passionate with what they do… And we found that with Sophie. If you are wondering if its worth the money…. IT IS! – Ann P via Yelp Newborn Posed Portraits
Sophie is wonderful! She took photos of my son when he was just a week old, and the pictures are amazing! She is truly talented. She patiently posed and readjusted him, waiting to capture the perfect pose. Even when my son began to get fussy, she calmly picked him up rocked him back to sleep and kept working. If you are looking for a photographer that is well practiced, patient and has the ability to capture beautiful photos, look no further. Sophie is one of a kind! – Anabel R. via Yelp Newborn Photography Mentoring 
There is something magical about Sophie’s work that I fell in love with. That was how it all started. I was searching for maternity/newborn photographers in San Diego, and Sophie’s website came up. I was so excited that I can find such photographer locally. We contacted her right away. From start to finish, we were happy with everything. She is very professional and prompt in responding to emails. Our pictures turned out absolutely amazing. We are so happy that we went with her. We are planning on doing more sessions in the future with her. I highly recommend her. – CJN S. via Yelp Maternity and Newborn Photography
I researched for a newborn photographer forever!  I went to about a dozen websites and inquired about pricing, design and availability.  Sophie was by far the most professional with clear expectations on both parties.  I am extremely picky and she did not disappoint!  She was so sweet with our baby girl and one year old and every time I looked up she had each one in a cuter pose.  Her props and bows are original and photos are amazing!!  I use yelp daily…but rarely give reviews.  She is the best! – Jessie Z via Yelp Newborn baby photography
We are so in love with the newborn pictures of our son Sophie captured!  We can’t stop looking at them – it will be very hard to pick just one for his birth announcement! Sophie did a great job photographing our son, who wasn’t the most cooperative, but her patience and professionalism got us the shots we wanted!  Thanks Sophie for these pictures we will always treasure!! – Courtney J via Yelp Newborn photography
Sophie is an AMAZING!!!! She has been taking pictures of my family for years and I will never stop using her services. – Roura V via Yelp Newborn, baby, cake smash, family and mini portrait photography
You know those gorgeous photos of children and families that just pop out at you?  The ones that you are trying forever to achieve on your own or at other studios so that you can FINALLY have an artsy-photo to hang with pride on your wall?  Sophie makes it happen.  She’ll meet you at any location of your choice—her Outdoor shots are amazing and its San Diego folks—take advantage of the environment and turn you and your family into magazine-worthy material. Step outside of the Picture People mall-type photo marts and see what a real photographer can create.  Sophie will get you a Kodak moment that will bring tears to your eyes, literally. – Ariella via Yelp Baby Photographer
Prior to heading to La Jolla on a family vacation, I realized that a great keepsake would be family photos on the beach.  I reached out to Sophie and she quickly got us set up for a photo session while we were in the area.  The whole process from setting up our appointment to getting our digital photos was very easy.  I feel like she really captured our family (two parents and one 6 year old boy), and I am so excited to print our photos to hang in our home. – Sara S via Yelp Destination Family Beach Photography
Our family had a great experience with w/ Sophie Crew!! Last fall, she shot our family, who includes our toddler who was 22 months @ the time, which was not an easy feat! She had a wonderful way of making us feel comfortable & getting us all to smile in a natural, unposed way. And then the photos & the way she touched them up to make the lighting & coloring just right was amazing. We cherish our photos from her & look forward to having Sophie shoot our family yearly!! – Wendy S via Yelp Pregnancy and Family Photography
Sophie’s work is gorgeous. I love just looking at all the beautiful photos she has on her website and blog. She has a knack for capturing photos of newborns and their families that look flawless and natural at the same time. – Sarah B via Yelp Newborn and Headshot Photography
Sophie took some adorable pictures of my daughter when she was about eight months old- she brought out the sweetest faces and captured the moments perfectly! I am taking my daughter back for her two years shots this summer. Sophie does great work and is wonderful with the kids 🙂 – Liz H via Yelp Milestone baby photography
A few weeks ago Sophie took pictures of our newborn baby. The pictures came out amazing! Our little one was very fussy during the session and Sophie was so patient and amazing with her. The pictures that Sophie took are something that we will treasure forever. We will definitely be using her again for any future babies! – Lindsay via Yelp Newborn baby photography session
There are so many great things about Sophie Crew Photography. She photographed me when I was nine months pregnant and when my son was 10 days old. She always takes the time to get the perfect pics. She’s also very patient with kids. I have a 3 year old and it’s not easy to get her to sit still, but Sophie did. When I saw the pics she captured, I was amazed.They were stunning. I was so happy I had her photograph us. The pictures are priceless, and something we will treasure always. – Cindy H via Yelp Maternity photography and newborn photography

Sophie is a phenom in the newborn department.  Her post processing has a style all its own, and she is a master at what she does.  She has photographed my older kiddos, and I adore the images, but I sure wish I knew her when my babies were little.  🙂 – Sarah T. via Yelp Child and Tween Photographer

Sophie’s newborn work is the standard in posed newborn photography in San Diego.  I have followed her for years, and each blog post shows another rock-solid session of stunning images – each one a masterpiece.  Sophie has photographed my kids on several occasions, and one of the images was published in a magazine!  Sophie is wonderful with on-location light, and she has great on-the-spot creativity, making each session fun and really engaging the kids to bring out their personalities.  Highly recommend Sophie! – Amy G. via Yelp Posed newborn Photography
I’m continuously amazed by the images Sophie produces. She has photographed my family on several occasions and her photos take my breath away every time. Sophie is really easy to work with and makes each session a lot of fun. She’s a natural when it comes to working with kids and my boys really respond well to her. I highly recommend Sophie Crew Photography to anyone looking for an amazing photographer. – Sarah A. via Yelp Family photography
Sophie does amazing work!  Her photos have a dreamy, magical quality that is absolutely enchanting!  She is wonderful with kids of all ages and is a pro at getting real, beautiful smiles out of my kiddos and making sessions fun!  Her newborn photography work is incredible as well. Her meticulous posing and editing along with her unbelievable “baby whispering” skills make her one of the best newborn photographers in San Diego. – Melanie M. via Yelp Posed Newborn Photography
Wonderful Photographer! I’ve used Sophie for my daughter’s cake smash, to shoot birthdays, regular full sessions as well as mini sessions! love love love her work. She’s so patient with kids. I highly recommend her 🙂 – Joey via Yelp Cake Smash Photography in Studio
Amazing photographer! She is easygoing, friendly, and comfortable to be around. She put us at ease immediately, which was great for our family because none of us are fond of getting our pictures taken! And the ideas she had to get our toddler to not only cooperate but smile was remarkable! Her natural poses and the way she incorporated the background was creative and resulted in some really great pictures that we can cherish for years. She did our Christmas cards this year and the design was unique and festive and it was wonderful because I knew no one else would have the same card as me! Absolutely magnificent photographer and we will definitely be using her to capture all our family memories! – Leanne A. via Yelp Portrait Photography – maternity, newborn, baby, family portraits
I love the pictures of my whole package belly to baby, it was worth the money!!!  Pictures for a lifetime! – Mel B. via Yelp Belly to Baby Portrait Photography
Sophie makes this newborn business look so easy. She is like a baby whisperer! As a first time mom, what a good feeling it is to be able to trust your newborn to someone else and watch her handle him and pose him like a sleepy little kitten. So magical! Sophie’s work is so clean and beautiful! Cannot recommend her enough! – Julia, Newborn Posing Studio Photography
Sophie is very professional and easy to work with. She has such great talent and respect for her client. I would recommend Sophie to anyone looking for a quality photographer. – Lucy H. via Yelp San Diego Baby Photography
I’m not sure where to start! Sophie crew has been doing photos for my family for about 8 years now! Sophie is kind patient and has an amazing talent for photography! We have done 3 new born sessions many mini sessions and more! Our pictures are always breathtaking and the actual process is so enjoyable you forget you are even being photographed! Sophie is amazing with our kids and we plan on coming back again and again! – Daniel W. via Google Engagement, Maternity, Newborn, Baby and Family Portrait Photography
Sophie is very professional and easy to work with. She has such great talent and respect for her client. I would recommend Sophie to anyone looking for a quality photographer. – Lucy H, Baby Photography Session 2017
Sophie is the most caring, gentle Photograper I’ve ever worked with.  Watching her work with my son was a heart warming experience and not to mention my pictures literally melted hearts around the world!! Sophie crew is amazing and i will be doing the rest of my photo shoots with her. – Laura C.  Newborn Photography Session 2017
Sophie does beautiful, distinctive photography.  Her shots are “clean” and really focus on the beauty of the children.  I love her mini sessions and she was very patient with my talkative older daughter when we were trying to get shots of my younger daughter.  I will definitely go back to her again! – Karen, Baby and Newborn Sessions, 2017
After stumbling upon Sophie’s website a couple months ago, I was obsessed with her newborn photos. My son Kaleb, was about 6 months old at the time and although I was bummed to miss out on those, I was excited to do family photos instead. I shot and email Sophie’s way and she was very sweet and professional. She had some creative suggestions and was flexible with setting a time around his sleep schedule. When we met the day of the shoot, she was even sweeter in person, very friendly and easy to talk to. Kaleb got a little fussy towards the end but she made things go quickly which helped. A few weeks later we received our photos and I was simply BLOWN AWAY! I knew she was good, but WOW they are so stunning. The colors are so vibrant, the sunset luminous. They are simply breathtaking. Thank you so much Sophie! We love them and are so thankful for these priceless images. -The Dotson Family (Janelle, Ben, & Kaleb) Family and Baby Photography Session Outdoors
Sophie is simply the best at what she does. I am always in awe of her work. She is not only super sweet, but she is flawless at what she does. When ever someone needs a photographer who specializes in babies or maternity, she’s one of the first people I think of. I think her work is magical! – Janis, Newborn Posing Workshop and Mentoring in Southern California
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