An Imperfectly Perfect Mistake | San Diego Beach Maternity Photographer | Sophie Crew Photography

Jun 12, 2011

Ok so the title has nothing to do at all with our session, but rather my processing – just clearing things up now, lol.  So this is my good friend, mommy to the handsome Ethan, seen here.  PS:  He’s already 2.5 months old now!  Anyhow, we did our session just a couple of weeks before Ethan’s birth, but at that time, I got super busy with priority client sessions, so I kept putting her session on hold to edit, until I had a free moment.  I finally got around to editing them at 3am last Friday.  Yes, I was up till 4am because I had wayyyy too much coffee that day.  You know when you keep yawning but are totally not ready to go to bed?  That was me. So there I was, at 3am, sitting at my computer with my 2 year old (who decided to wake up and keep me company in my lap).

Anyhow, it was a super overcast and cloudy day at the beach, but the sun was just about to set and we could see an opening in between the clouds on the horizon, so we were just waiting for the sun to peek through to quickly get that one silhouette shot.  Nobody was prepared for me to shoot – I was just in standby mode, laying belly down in the sand, waiting to yell “run, in position” when the sun would finally peek through.  My camera was exposed for the sky, not for my friends, as I was attempting a silhouette shot.  For you non-photogs, that means that my friends were dialed into my camera to be completely underexposed and basically black, while the camera was set to expose properly for the sky, keeping it’s color intact.  Brooke and daddy went to put their toes in the water when Brooke suddenly jumped – I snapped quickly… it was a total spur of the moment shot.  Anyhow, back to editing… I did my usual editing as a silhouette shot, since that’s what it was set up to be, and the shot looked fine, but just as I was finishing up and ready to save it, I accidentally moved my mouse too far in levels and this image appeared.  I instantly loved it.  It’s completely underexposed, and not at all a well thought out image, but the moment, the feeling and even the underexposed subjects are imperfectly perfect for me, and is possibly one of my favorite images…