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Aug 22, 2011

Meet newborn babies Brian, David and Nicholas – San Diego’s newest set of adorable triplets!  I am so excited to share their session with you all.

When mom inquired about a session for her three almost-7 week old newborns, I was super excited but knowing that they were already several weeks old, we needed to schedule a session sooner rather than later.  So we did, and planned for just a few days later.  Brian, David and Nicholas were in the NICU for their first five weeks of life.  I responded to mom’s email and excitedly envisioned three tiny babies with matching hats and matching blankets, and my awesome visions danced around in my head – I was full of ideas, until I realized I didn’t have any matching boy hats, and there was no way that I would be able to find some ready to ship on Etsy, so I was in a panic – where would I find them in just 3 days!  Well, luckily I have the most awesome of mail ladies right here in town – she’s the one who ships out all of my client orders, and she knits!  I ran down to the mail place and asked if she would be able to make a few, and she happily agreed!  So not only were they made in two days time, but she made two beautiful sets of them with matching blankets and they were SO much cooler than I envisioned – wohoo!!  By the way, I didn’t just choose blue, red and green for fun – mom and dad have babies color coded in those colors to tell them apart those first few weeks 🙂

I brought my friend and fellow photographer, Melanie along for the fun – she is a rock star assistant!  No, I mean she rocks, she is not affiliated with any rock bands (that I  know of, lol).   When we arrived, we immediately went to work, getting ‘stations’ set up for the babies.  We set up the ‘prop’ area downstairs, and the ‘beanbag’ area upstairs, so that we would be able to photograph these cuties more efficiently – we knew that one would be sleeping when the others would not, and we needed to be ready for the chance of all three boys sleeping at the same time so we could get the ‘together’ shots.

Our session went great, and I am so pleased with what we captured.  These beautiful boys are going to grow up so quickly, so capturing their tiny cuteness at just a few weeks old makes me super happy 🙂  How awesome is it that Brian, David and Nicholas will grow up to be best buddies and will always have someone to play with!

San Diego Newborn Photographer | Sophie Crew Photography

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