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Sep 9, 2011

I was planning on blogging baby girl’s session last night but apparently San Diego decided to go dark – crazy power outage for the entire county… for those of you outside of San Diego, that was more than 4 million people without power for 12 hours!

I had the pleasure of meeting sweet Caroline just a few weeks ago for our newborn session. Mom and dad are so head over heels with this little love. She was such a great little model. Soooo, she may look adorable, sweet and cuddly but wow can she aim a poop! Lol, Caroline will go down in the books for being the first newborn to actually projectile poop about a foot away right onto my pants and the pretty white carpet, while still looking cute as a button, lol. Sorry about the carpet, C family!!

I am suuuuper behind in blog posts, so I hope to catch up on the gorgeous babies, families and bellies that I have been photographing lately.

Have a great weekend!

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