Back to School 2014

Aug 24, 2014

It’s that time of year again… Back to School, 2014 !!!!

I feel like I was posting THIS blog post just yesterday, and yet, here we are one year later, one grade later.

My oldest, Ava, will be entering 4th grade.  This kiddo loves history, fashion, and collecting vintage Barbie dolls.  She still says she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.  Last year, she was able to combine all three into a fun project she presented to her class.  She did a report on Marie Antoinette, so we made a Barbie sized Guillotine out of wood.  She demonstrated what happened to the infamous queen with a Barbie, whom she designed a vintage dress for, with that Guillotine.  The class sure got a kick out of that prop!

Emma will be going into 1st grade!  She is adamant about becoming a mermaid princess when she grows up.  She is hilarious, sweet, and has sure come a long way socially this year in Kindergarten.  If you have followed Emma’s story, you might be wondering how she is doing with school.  Well, we are still learning a lot about how Emma is processing information with a brain injury, and with the amazing support of her school, we are getting her the intervention and help she needs to keep up with her grade.  Highlights about last year?  I was able to finally convince her to kick the ‘cozy pants’ trend of wearing nothing but leggings to school.  Dresses are in! Weee!  But seriously – she learned to sound out words, we’re working on spelling, and she made new friends.

We headed back to our Back to School spot, complete with vintage desk and Ava’s best friend, Brooke.  Here are a few shots from this year’s Back to School shoot!

San Diego child photographer

Back to School 2014 portraits san diego

back to school 2014


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San Diego back to school fun colored school bus

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Back to School san diego

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Mini session for back to school portraits

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Back to School Mini Sessions 2014

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Back to School 2014 Santee San Diego Elementary school child portraits