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Jun 16, 2010

Yesterday, I had so much fun photographing the lovely F family.  Mom wanted to be sure to get a few shots of her niece and nephews so that grandpa could have a beautiful picture of all of the grandkids together for Father’s Day, so all 9 of us set off for a fun time at the beach. 

I am seriously learning that June is indeed ‘June Gloom’ month at the beach – super sunny inland, but bam!  Hit the coast and it’s overcast!  Like super duper overcast!  Eek!  The clouds sure didn’t take the sun away from this family though – they are a happy, fun and energetic bunch, and their smiles glowed so much that we forgot about the hiding sun 🙂

F family, enjoy your sneak peek!  Oh, and nobody tell grandpa what he’s getting for Father’s Day 🙂