Beautiful Maternity Beach Session in San Diego

Mar 31, 2017

Beautiful Maternity Beach Session in San Diego

Celebrating the anticipated arrival of #2 with a maternity beach photography session in La Jolla, CA

I truly enjoyed photographing beautiful mama-to-be (again), Jessica, for her beautiful maternity beach photo shoot a few weeks ago at one of my favorite La Jolla beach locations – Windansea Beach.  It was the perfect day – we arrived just before sunset and the clouds were already so magical, gently providing us with just the perfect amount of filtering from the otherwise harsh sun.  The light was even and perfect!  I personally prefer when the weather is a bit more overcast and cloudy as I love the look of the more evenly lit, colorful sky.  I always hold my beach sessions in the late afternoon, starting just before sunset.  This is when the sun is starting to dip down, allowing for that warmer light to hit us.  When there are no clouds in the sky, that evening light is so warm and inviting, but in photogrpahy-land, can sometimes still be a bit too bright to achieve those saturated colors in both the subject and background.  It is right when the sun is about to dip down in to the ocean that the light is just right, and that is when I get into ‘hurry’ mode, getting as many poses as I can during those last few minutes of ‘perfect’ light.  And by perfect, I mean perfect for me.  Each maternity photographer in San Diego has their own style and beauty.  This is my own personal ‘magic’ time.  So, when we arrive at the beach, and the clouds are already filtering that bright sun for us to begin with, well, we have a bit more time to move around and get that perfectly even light from start to finish!

Jessica looked absolutely stunning in her light pink maternity gown, with the wind flowing through her beautiful, long hair, and that glow, oh the pregnancy glow!  Here are a few images from our maternity photography session at the beach!  I can’t wait for her little one’s Newborn Photography Session in San Diego. Enjoy!

San Diego and Orange County Beautiful Maternity Beach Session in San Diego Stunning maternity and newborn portraits at beach in Orange County and San Diego County. Pregnancy in San Diego photographer for beach portraits Mother holds her belly while looking to the Pacific Ocean during her portrait photography session in La Jolla, CA Expectant couple hold toddler son at Southern California beach for photography session with Sophie Crew Photography Family portraits during maternity photography session in La Jolla, CA Beach family photographer in San Diego, CA Family photography beach portraits in San Diego, CA Gorgeous pregnant mother stands on cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, CA Pregnancy and Maternity at Southern California Beach Trendy maternity gown in pink worn by beautiful expectant mother to be on beach in San Diego Family and maternity portraits in San Diego, CA Couple expecting newborn pose at Windansea Beach in San Diego Pregnancy photography at Windansea beach with professional photography artist Sophie Crew Expectant mother holds her son on beach during maternity photography session in San Diego Mother to be holds her toddler son on beach for photography portraits with Sophie Crew Photography Maternity portraits in San Diego Toddler at beach photography San Diego Pregnancy and Newborn portraits in San Diego, CA Pregnant mother stands in ocean water at beach holding her belly in pink maternity gown

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  1. WOW these are really gorgeous!! Love it!

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