California Kids in a Field of Poppies

Apr 5, 2017

California Kids in a Wildflowers

Kids Photography in the California Wildflowers – Spring Portraits

My goodness, the “superbloom” we have experienced in California this year has been amazing!  Orange California poppies, colorful wildflowers with yellow, purple and white have blanketed our hills and deserts for the past few weeks – it’s been amazing!  Even just driving on our Southern California freeways has been so much more enjoyable over the past few weeks with all of that color covering all of those off-ramps.  I know I am not the only photographer that has exited the freeway at a particularly colorful off-ramp and questioned the possibility of holding a photography session right there (and of course I wouldn’t – it’s totally unsafe and I think even a little bit illegal, lol).  Anyway, when one of my very favorite clients asked for a wildflower session for her two gorgeous girls, I had to find a spot that was still active as my usual go-to orange wildflower field had already dried up.  So, I searched and searched, and found one – it required a drive outside of San Diego County, but this amazing scenery of California Poppies was to die for!  As expected, having it be a weekend and right in the middle of the Superbloom craze, this spot was pretty busy.  It was so cool to see not only other photographers shooting babies, maternity and kiddos like me, but also just regular locals walking their dogs, couples taking selfies in the poppies, and just an overall smile in the air.  Pretty cool what these flowers can do with your mood!  They definitely put a smile on mine!

Amelia and Isabella looked so, and I mean SOOOO incredibly cute in their matching Dollcake Oh So Girly dresses.  Baby girl, Amelia is still learning to stand unassisted, so big sister was so good with holding her up when photographing them both.  In fact, I have been photographing baby Amelia since she was still in mommy’s belly!  Isabella brought her purple stuffed unicorn, so we had to include a few shots with her stuffie too!  We had a great time, and hung out in the poppies until the sun went down and we were one of the very few people left.  It was definitely a magical session!  Here are a few images from our baby and child photography session in the California wildflowers!

Little girl poses in a field of wild California poppies for her family mini portrait session in San Diego, CA Stunning sunset over California superbloom child photographer Girl dances in her blue dollcake dress in Temecula wildflowers with photographer Sophie Crew Girl hugs her stuffed unicorn in wildflowers for spring portraits San Diego baby and child photographer captures a girl and her stuffed unicorn in a field of orange wildflowers in San Diego

San Diego Newborn, baby and child photography in a field of flowers.

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  1. INCREDIBLE!! These photos are soooooo dreamy and gorgeous! Great work xx

  2. This first field is absolutely fantastic, the dream for a photographer!! Well done!

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