COVID-19 and your Newborn Photography Session

Apr 7, 2020

Dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic 2020
COVID-19 and infant Photography…

Well, what a crazy time we are currently living through. First and foremost, I want you to know that I hope that you and your families are healthy, safe and are doing well during this time.
Our world has experienced such a drastic change, almost overnight, and I know that this coronavirus pandemic is affecting each and every one of us in our own way. Physical health implications, mental and emotional concerns, new homeschooling plans, loss of income, business closures, etc… every single one of us is feeling the effects of COVID-19 and what it is bringing to us.

San Diego Newborn Photographer 2020One of the implications that this pandemic has brought us is the closure of all ‘non-essential’ businesses (almost) throughout the country. As a professional photographer, that means me too. It means all of us. Sophie Crew Photography has temporarily closed its doors until the order is lifted for California and it is safe and legal to resume business. This is a mandated order that if violated, not only puts our health and safety in jeopardy, but also is punishable by fines, orders to suspend business operations, and other penalties. With that being said, I MISS YOU!
San Diego Newborn Photographer in San Diego had to temporarily shut down her small business during the COVID-19 crisis.I am reeeealllllly hoping that we are just weeks away from being able to reopen our doors and to get back to some kind of normal. My heart is heavy knowing that my maternity and newborn clients are anxiously waiting for this to end meanwhile worrying that their newborn will be too old to photograph once we finally can resume business. I want you to know that IT WON’T BE TOO LATE. Clients, you are all on my mind and I cannot wait to meet your little ones soon!
San Diego Newborn Photographer during coronavirus pandemicI have made a few blog posts in the past regarding photographing ‘older’ newborns. Here is one that will provide you with what to expect during an older newborn photography session. You can read that article HERE.

As soon as Sophie Crew Photography and the photography industry gets the ‘ok’ to reopen, I want you to know that I will continue to maintain a clean and safe environment for you and your new baby. This includes only having one family in the studio per day/session with proper disinfecting and cleaning between each client. All blankets and wraps that come into contact with your little one are washed after each use. Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer should be frequently done before, during and after each session. Also know that I will never work if I am feeling the slightest bit ill as to keep you safe. I ask that you also keep yourself and/or your sick kiddos home and away from the studio if you/your kiddos are feeling ill. We can always reschedule a session.

Newborn twin photos in San Diego

Clients, I can’t wait to see you in the studio and to create those beautiful memories of baby’s first photo session for you. With just a little more time and patience, we will all be able to resume life again. Stay safe and healthy, San Diego <3.