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Apr 20, 2010

As promised, here is this week’s showcase:  Sophie Crew Photography Custom Birth Announcements!

I LOVE these.  They are such an excellent quality, and since they are custom, you never have to worry about Cousin Bob sending you the same one of his newborn, Bob Jr! 

Super thick, press printed, front and back, custom made – they are just gorgeous.  You have a few options in terms of paper – my absolute favorite is the ‘pearl’ paper finish, which kind of has a, well, pearl-y finish to it.  Linen and regular papers are also available.  They come with envelopes as well. 

50 of these beautiful birth announcements are included in the ‘Belly to Baby’ package, or they can be purchased separately.  I am constantly working on new ones, let me know if there is a particular idea you have in mind for your newborn session!

Here are just a few recent ones…  It’s crazy that these babies were all born in 2055!  Lol 🙂

Next week’s showcase… perhaps a cavas or two?

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