Happy birthday to my sweet Emma… | San Diego Baby's 1st birthday Photographer | Sophie Crew

Aug 12, 2009

Sigh… has it been a year already? I swear it feels like it was just a few months ago that I called Tyler (who was at Lowes buying a lawnmower at the time) and told him to take his time, but that baby Crew #2 might be arriving that night. Good thing he didn’t listen to the ‘take your time’ part and came straight home (lawnmowerless), because when they say that your 2nd baby comes faster than your first, they weren’t kidding! I still remember that feeling of anticipation as we stepped out of the car and in front of the hospital doors. We would walk in as a family of three, and walk out as a family of four. As fast as we got to L&D, my baby made her arrival, and Ava was pretty excited to learn that she won the bet – it was a girl!
It’s been an awesome year. Happy 1st birthday, my sweet Emma…