Horses, Wildflowers and Childhood Magic in San Diego

Mar 15, 2017

Horses, Wildflowers and Childhood Magic

Kids making magic in the San Diego wildflowers…


I was so excited to find that my favorite little wildflowers location here in San Diego was in full bloom.  I talked to my friend and fellow photographer, Jessica, and we decided that it would be a perfect time to bring our little girls to the flowers for some spring (well, still winter, technically) photos.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  It’s bloom time!  Let’s bring our girls to the wildflowers.

Jessica:  Totally.  Should I get horses?

Me:  Ummmm, YES!

Yes, horses.   You see, Jessica is a phenomenal equine and family photographer here in San Diego. She was able to have two of the most beautiful horses join us for our upcoming session, so next was the fun in picking out the girls’ outfits.  We went with two pretty dresses from one of my favorite dress designers, Dollcake Oh So Girly.  Next came their hair accessories.  I headed over to Michaels in town and bought some white feathers, gold spray paint and ribbon to make two DIY feather crowns and matching large gold-dipped feathers for the horses’ manes.

We were ready!  We headed to our little spot and found that ever so beautiful field of wildflowers that blanketed the rolling hills.  It was perfect!   The horses were so beautiful and gentle, and one of them had my youngest daughter laughing hysterically as he kept trying to nibble the feathers of her crown. My daughter, Emma, was so excited about this session. She has recently discovered a love for horses so this session was just perfect.

Jessica’s daughter, Maisie,  is eight years old just like my little girl. We were excited to get our two girls together for this session. They were instant best friends! They had such a great time and can’t wait until our next play date!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our wildflower and horse session…

Two little girls and a brown horse stand in a field of flowers in San Diego for photos Little girls and brown horse during a stylized child photography session in San Diego Horse and little girl in a field of orange wildflowers in San Diego during a stylized photography session Girl faces brown horse in the middle of an orange field of wildflowers during photography session outdoors with Sophie Crew Girl holds her horse in wildflowers in San Diego Horse is wearing feather decoration with girls in orange flower field Girls holding flowers in wild flower field of orange flowers in San Diego location for family photogrpahy Little girls wearing Dollcake Oh So Girly pink dresses and white and gold feather crowns in a field of orange wildflowers after rain in San Diego Girl wearing white and gold feather DIY crown in field of orange flowers DIY feather crown for photography in San DIego Photo session in orange flower field wildflowers in San Diego Girl dances in yellow and orange flowers in San Diego County Girl dances in field of wildflowers in San Diego, CA Little girl holds an orange flower and wears a pink Dollcake Oh So Girly dress in orange flower field Young girl dances in orange wildflower field in San Diego wearing a feather crown and dollcake designer dress Little girl and black horse in San Diego in orange and yellow wildflowers for photography shoot with Sophie Crew Girl lays on decorated horse in orange flower field in San Diego Two girls in valley of orange flowers during the superbloom in San Diego, CA Two girls in Dollcake dresses in field of orange wildflower superbloom in San Diego Emma stands in a field of orange flowers in San Diego for her photography session with her mom Sophie Crew Girls after sunset in orange flower field for mini child stylized session in San Diego Little girl holding lantern as a prop in San Diego during her wildflower mini session