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I had so much fun meeting and photographing this gorgeous mama to be.  Gordana looked simply stunning in her beautiful light pink dress that she chose for our maternity session at the beach a few weeks ago.  We headed to Windansea Beach in La Jolla, which is one of my favorite locations for expectant parents.  The rocky backgrounds add so much texture and fun to my images.  It’s been super low tide lately, so a lot of rocks that are usually buried under the ocean are now visible.  There is also more space to walk on the sand lately which is nice!  I’ve held photography sessions at this beach where only the rocks were walkable!

Anyway, the forecast called for overcast skies the day of our session.  For photographers, we kinda like it!  It gives us not only even lighting, but also, overcast and cloudy skies allow nature to paint the sky naturally.  That moment just at sunset usually calls for the most colorful skies – I love it!  Here are a few images from our maternity photography session.  I can’t wait to meet this little newborn baby too!

Beautiful pregnant woman on a La Jolla beach posing for her maternity photographer, Sophie Crew Photography with peach skies Infant Photography packages with maternity photography Maternity photography session on a San Diego beach with peach and pink cloudy skies and light pink maternity gown Sophie Crew Photography Expectant couple walks on beach during maternity photo session San Diego maternity photography Maternity photos in La Jolla San Diego Maternity Photographer

Here is something pretty amazing…
Check out the difference is skies that nature had to offer us that evening… These images below have me shooting south and angled lower than my gorgeous mama-to-be.  The skies are bold and dramatic.  The images following this set are shot opposite of these… facing north.  See the difference is could and sky?  They almost look like both sets of images were taken on different days.  Shooting south produced some dramatic images where as the ones shooting north produced more whimsical, light and peachy skies.  Gotta love the beauty of nature!
Photo of pregnant mother to be standing on a cliff on top of the world with dark purple and pink skies at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA Newborn and Maternity photographer beach Newborn and Maternity Photography Dreamy maternity images Windansea beach maternity photography Southern California's maternity beach photographer Pregnancy photography in San Diego Pregnancy photography in San Diego San Diego Premiere newborn and maternity photographer San Diego Portrait Photographer

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