A Magical Child Photography Session with Bunnies

Feb 22, 2017

A Magical Child Photography Session – Photos of Bunnies

Child Portrait Photography in Nature Location, San Diego.

Bunnies!  Oh yes, sweet, baby bunnies!  Four of them!  This was such a magical session – I couldn’t wait to share with you all!

When Madison’s mama and fellow San Diego Family Photographer, reached out to me to plan her daughter’s 9th birthday portrait session, she shared with me Madison’s love for baby animals.  She asked if I could find a way to set up a photography session for her beautiful girl with baby animals.  I was immediately excited!  So I set off on a mission to set up this awesome idea of a session.  I posted on my personal Facebook page asking friends if they happened to have any new puppies, kittens, piglets, or any other cute, baby animal… no babies…  Then, my friend, Jillian – mompreneur extraordinaire and creator/owner of MomCo App, shared that she was welcoming brand new baby bunnies to her family!  Her little adorable bunnies even have their own Facebook page!  These cute bunnies were so adorable, and instantly, I thought they would be perfect for our session!  I reached out to Jillian, and coordinated a perfect time for our session when the babies were old enough to head outdoors for our photo shoot.

Madison’s mom did an awesome job of getting her stylized for our session.  With a gorgeous dress from Tutu du Monde, and adorable, golden bunny ear headband, awesome cowboy boots and her hair in beautiful loose curls, Madison was ready to go!  We headed to one of my favorite ‘winter’ locations that always has awesomly green, lush grass this time of year – especially after all of this rain!  I love the light coming in from behind that old, stone fireplace – it’s magical at just the right time of the evening!  Madison was a perfect little model, and was just so excited to be around these little bunnies!  She couldn’t stop loving on them… so happy!  She even got to hold one on the walk all the way back through the location to our cars.  Anyhow, here are a few images from our super magical photography featuring beautiful Miss Madison and four adorable baby bunnies!

Girl holding a yellow basket with baby bunnies for a magical photoshoot in San Diego Young girl posing with white bunny rabbit for San Diego Photo Session Child with basket of bunnies during outdoor nature photography session in San Diego 9 year old girl holding a white baby bunny in a backlit picture with foresty feel Girl kisses a baby bunny in a magician's hat for photo session Girl holds two baby bunnies during San Diego photography mini session with Sophie Crew Little girl snuggles with live bunnies for photography session in San Diego magician themed photo with kids in San Diego abracadabra bunny in hat child photo Child with bunny ear headband holds a magic bunny in a hat for photography in San Diego Little girl holding two live bunnies for San Diego photographer Kid and bunny posing in a nature setting for San Diego photography session Little girl talks to her baby bunny for her San Diego Photography session Girl posed next to bunny for her 9 year old photography session in San Diego, CA Little girl kisses a cute bunny in a field in San Diego, CA Child holding a live bunny for photography mini session in San Diego, CA Little girl smiles during her photo session at a fireplace location in San Diego, CA San Diego outdoor fireplace photo location for family portraits. Girl gives eskimo kisses to a gray baby bunny for photography session with Sophie Crew Photography Girl holds a magician's hat with a live bunny Pretty little girl posing for her outdoor photoshoot at a San Diego field location Little girl holds two baby bunny rabbits for her photography session Little girl petting a white bunny on a blue ladder Child holding a gray and brown baby bunny in San Diego Kid snuggling with baby bunny rabbits in an open field in San Diego Girl holds a mason jar lantern and a bunny for a magical sunset photo session Child holding a live bunny and lantern at dusk Last light of the day for a child bunny photography session

Can you see how excited she was about being able to hold a baby bunny all the way back to the car?  So sweet <3


  1. Stunning work Sophie!!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I kept thinking, “this one’s my favorite, no, this one, not this one”… I guess they’re all my favorite!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! I want all of them!

  4. Beautiful girl and setting! And those bunnies omg ?

  5. how much is a session with pictures with live bunny

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