5 Ways to Make Your Maternity Family Photos Stand Out

Sep 21, 2022

Want to know how to make your maternity photos stand out from the rest?

Read on for five tips to help you capture some amazing images during your family maternity photo session.  

Maternity photographer in San Diego

1.  Find a Maternity Photographer Who Best Fits your Vision.

You might think that taking maternity family photos at home would be easy, but there are several things to keep in mind when choosing a maternity photographer.  Fiinding a photographer that best fits your vision will ensure you make the most of your maternity family photos.

First, find one who has experience capturing maternity photos. It takes a certain skill to pose an expectant mother and family to best create those beautiful maternity portraits.

Second, making sure that their art fits your vision. Art is subjective, and there are so many different styles of maternity photography to choose from. You may envision your maternity family photo shoot to include beautiful, flowing maternity gowns, waving in the wind as your are perfectly posed on top of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Or perhaps you are seeking a more relaxed, lifestyle maternity photography shoot where focus is more on your family as a whole, anticipating the birth of your newest little baby. There are many San Diego Maternity Photographers to select from. Make sure you find the best one that fits your vision.

Third, ask your maternity and family photographer what types of print options they offer. Be sure to get a good understanding of the product options that are available to you, and begin to think about how exactly you want to display your maternity family photos. Many expecting parents like to select their favorite image(s) to have printed and have them added to their living or family rooms. I love seeing photography on walls!

2.  Choose an Interesting Location for your Maternity Family Photoshoot.

Decide if you are a beach person, a nature mama or an urban goddess. I love photographing maternity and family photo sessions in all three of these locations, but it all comes down to where you feel most comfortable and where you feel best reflects your family’s comfort level. I personally suggest that a maternity photoshoot with young toddlers be held at a more calm location such as a nature trail or natural field. Nature locations tend to be less frequented and have less stimuli that may upset little ones. Toddlers and babies may not appreciate or can even be scared of the sounds of busy downtown traffic in an urban setting or the sound of crashing waves and the feel of the cool, damp sand under their feet. If you have older kiddos or if this is your first child, a beach or urban setting might work best.

Do you have a location of significance? Consider that locations! I love photographing my maternity clients at locations that are special to the expectant family. Think about maybe where you got married, where the proposal took place, where you may have spent time as a child. The possibilities are endless!

3.  Be Prepared for your Maternity and Family Photography Shoot

If your maternity photographer will be bringing along a beautiful, flowing gown or silks for you to wear and use for your pregnancy photoshoot, make sure you have a change of clothes in the car. This also applies for your kiddos and entire family. Maybe your oldest child accidentally spilled chocolate ice cream on their shirt on the way to the session and needs to change – have that second set of clothes handy just in case. Also, talk to your photographer about wardrobe changes too – if you plan on using a couple of different outfits, plan ahead when when and at what point you will be changing into your second outfit. Also, will your photographer have a collapsable changing tent for you to use or will there be public changing areas.

If your kiddos tend to work best with rewards, bring them! It’s always a good idea to have a little treat or reward to give them at the end of the session. Or perhaps your toddler might get hungry during the maternity shoot – bring a light, non messy snack for them to much on during the session if they need a little break. Along those lines, bring wipes! Kids are notorious for having boogers or remnants of food pieces on their faces, especially if they’ll be having a snack. Be prepared with wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

Bring along any beauty tools you may need during the session. Consider bring a brush, extra lipstick or gloss, makeup for touchups, undergarments and accessories such as jewelry, a layer of clothing or different shoes.

4.  Have Fun!  It’s your Maternity Family Photo Shoot Time!

Don’t forget to have fun when taking maternity photos. It’s easy to feel stressed during pregnancy, especially as you prepare for the birth of your baby. However, having fun will help you relax and enjoy the process. Remember that your little kids can feel your energy, and if you are headed to the session with a feeling of stress, your little ones will feel it too. Try not to threaten punishments but rather promise praises and rewards for a job well done from your children. Your maternity photographer is excited to capture these special moments for you and your growing family. Relax and enjoy this special time if your lives, and enjoy your maternity family photos!

5.  Don’t Forget About Post-Processing of your Maternity Photos.

As women, we are so incredibly critical of ourselves when we look at photos. If there is anything that you know will bother you, such as a particular scar, stretch mark, natural cellulite, etc, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to pay special attention to those things. Most photographers will accommodate these little requests.

Maternity Family Photo Shoot in San Diego

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