Sunrise and Sunset Maternity Photography San Diego

Apr 26, 2022

Balboa Park and Windansea Beach

Sunrise Maternity Photos and Sunset Beach Maternity Shoot in San Diego, CA.

I moved to San Diego in 1996 to attend San Diego State University.  Coming from Northern California, SoCal was such an amazing place to live for an 18 year old college freshman.  I instantly fell in love with the weather, but also the beautiful beaches and amazing landmarks that San Diego has to offer.  I mean, where else can you spend the morning in the snow in the mountains, then watch the sunset while sitting in the sand at one of our amazing beaches?  San Diego is such a perfect location for a baby-moon, and this amazing expectant couple came all the way from Texas to capture this special time in their lives.  Of course, we had to head to a couple of San Diego’s most iconic locations for our sunrise and sunset maternity photography session.  We chose Balboa Park as well as Windansea Beach for their maternity photography sessions.  One for it’s amazing architecture, and one for it’s beautiful beach sands and cliffs…

Sunrise at Balboa Park Sunset at Windansea

The Prado in Balboa Park

We began our day bright and early with the sunrise.  Holy moly, Balboa Park is such a perfect location for a morning maternity session – there’s nobody there!  We had the entire place essentially to ourselves.  It was great!  We began at the Organ Pavillion and then moved to one of the most iconic trees in not only San Diego County, but the country.  The Moreton Bay Fig Tree is most known for it’s incredibly big roots that rest on the ground, making for such an incredible location for a maternity photography session.  Once we got those beautiful shots in the incredible roots, we moved closer to the Prado area to shoot under those beautiful arches as the sun began to light up the sky for the day.

Balboa Park tree root photo location Balboa park maternity photographer

We said ‘see you later’ and parted ways for the day, only to meet again for our second session of the day, this time at my most favorite beach in Southern California.  Windansea Beach is my go-to beach location.  It has incredible cliffs, rocks and a unique and gorgeous location.  Depending on the tide and san levels, the beach can have lots of sand and nearly inaccessible cliffs, or sometimes when the tide is high, the cliffs are our only option.  Both are just amazing and make you feel like you’re on top of the world.  Sunset is such a magical time to shoot, especially with my maternity clients.  I offer a closet full of pregnancy gowns available to my maternity clients, and many of them have that amazingly flowy train that looks amazing blowing in the wind.  Sunset photography yields such amazing golden hour light…

Sunset backlit maternity beach photos

Beach maternity photos San Diego

San Diego Beach Maternity Photos

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