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Apr 15, 2010

The Facebook Fan Page Status Update today:  I found a chair!!! 

Well after I wrote that, I found two more chairs, lol!  I’ll show those later, but I was so excited that I had finally found my ‘ugly’ chair that I had to call Miss Brooke to join Ava for a little ‘test out the new chair’ photo shoot.  I’ll be posting a few of Brooke in this entry, as she is sooooo easy to pose!  A natural model… hint hint mom – get her into modeling asap!  Ava on the other hand… she has what has been diagnosed as ‘photographer’s child syndrome’.  Yep.  Every picture I take of her, she is posing in some akward contorted, cheese -smile-like form, so I need to pick through those later and see if I can find a natural ‘mom’s not looking so I’ll be natural’ poses… stay tuned!

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