Most popular Newborn Photography Posing Ideas

Aug 18, 2018

Most Popular Newborn Photography Posing Ideas

 Newborn Posing: Best Newborn Photography Poses for Photoshoots

Hi fellow newborn photographers, new parents, friends and everyone reading this post!  Eek, it’s been a while since I have blogged, It’s been a busy summer of vacations, entertaining the kids and of course, cuddling my sweet newborn clients!  So, let’s talk newborn photography poses and newborn posing!  I’ve been a professional San Diego Newborn Photographer for almost a decade now, and throughout the years, trends have come and gone in posed newborn photography.  Looking back at when I first started posing and photographing infants, those ginormous flower headbands were all the rage… we’re talking flowers bigger than the baby’s head!  I’m kinda glad that one went away!  However, throughout the years, I have personally, and as a professional in the industry, seen some poses remain consistently popular.  Let’s take a look at the most popular newborn photography posing ideas!

1.  The Froggy Pose
Most Popular Newborn Poses

This one is one of my all time favorites newborn posing ideas.  Check out my logo… yep, it’s a baby in the froggy pose.  This one often takes the most time to achieve, but in the end, is so worth the time dedicated to achieve is properly.  As safety is my #1 priority, the final image of this pose is actually two separate images merged into one.  We call this a ‘composite’.  Once baby is comfortably positioned with those relaxed fingers and expression, I carefully support baby’s weight with one hand, holding the arms and hands.  This is photo #1.  Next, I transition my hands to support baby’s head, fully holding and supporting baby, and remove my hand from the arms and hands.  I recreate the same angle and take the same shot.  Next, in Photoshop, I combine the top half of the first image with the bottom half of the second image and voila!  A perfect froggy pose, done safely and carefully!

Sophie Crew poses her newborn boy in the froggy pose as he smiles wearing a black knit newborn bonnet and wrap

2. The Taco Pose
Newborn Poses

The ‘Taco’ PoseThis one usually comes right after the froggy pose, as the transition is easy to go through from one to the other.  This one requires a bit of support underneath the beanbag to let baby rest on his or her side in this position.  Look at those tiny hands and feet!  Also, if you’re a photographer and curious about where to find the best newborn photography posing tools, I recommend Hello Little Props.

Newborn baby boy captured during his san diego newborn photography session with Sophie Crew Photography in Santee, CA.

3.  The ‘Tucked in’ Pose
Posing ideas for photographers

This is great newborn posing for when baby is awake!  I start with a partially swaddled newborn and lay him or her on a blanket on a metal frame dog bed. Yes, dog bed.  I tighten the blanket, using clamps to hold down all four corners, bring baby’s fingers or arms up to peek through the blanket opening and there you go! A perfectly snug bug in a rug!

4.  The ‘Bum Up’ Pose
Newborn Posing for photoshoot

This one is so cute because of those baby back rolls that you can see with this pose.  This one requires rolled up wraps under both baby’s head and legs to support baby.  Removing the rolled up wraps from under baby’s legs will give a different perspective, equally as cute!Bum pose in newborn photography image captured by San Diego Newborn Photographer Sophie Crew Photography. Baby girl in pink

5.  The ‘Huck Finn’ Pose
Poses for newborn photography

I have no idea how this name came to be, but it’s a great one that can be done with a partial wrap, a newborn romper or no coverage at all.  The key here is the not only use a support rolled up wrap under baby’s head, but the same, if not more wraps under baby’s bottom.  Raising baby’s bottom brings the legs in a natural ‘criss cross applesauce’ position, covering any ‘parts’ that should be covered.

6.  The ‘Swaddle’ Pose
How to pose a swaddled baby

This is my ‘go to’ for a baby that needs a little more comfort and settling.  For babies that are not ready to sleep, a good swaddle is THE way to go!  Baby instantly feels soothed and comfortable, and in the meantime, makes for some beautiful, clean shots.  If baby is awake, I like to aim to get that awesome eye contact… I LOVE it when I am able to connect with baby!

7.  The ‘Bucket’ Pose
Best poses for newborn photos

I have quite a few buckets, boxes, crates, etc… and for all of these, my go-to pose is this one… baby’s head resting on his or her arms or hands, peeking over the edge of the bucket.  I usually aim to get two shots here… one with both arms under baby’s head, and another with one arm hanging out.  This one is a fun newborn photography pose as I pose while I  hold the baby, then carefully place baby in the bucket for those cute newborn photos.Newborn boy in vintage bucket newborn pose with teal colors

8.  The ‘Side’ Pose
How to pose a newborn

This one is a favorite of mine too… comfortably laying on baby’s side, with both relaxed hands resting in almost a little ‘prayer’ pose, supporting baby’s head, with baby’s legs and feet perfectly aligned…San diego newborn posed on his side on green backdrop with green knit bonnet

9.  The ‘Sibling’ Pose
Posing newborn and siblings for photos

I have to say, for my clients that are bringing in their newborn and their older sibling(s), these sibling poses are the ones they love the most.  Typically, older siblings are not old enough to safely and comfortably hold their newborn sibling, so I always swaddle the newborn, then pose him or her laying down next to their big brother or sister.  From up above, I try to get smiles through my awesome fart noises and silly faces from the older sibling.Newborn posed with big sister sibling poses on flokati rug

10.  The ‘Parent’ Pose
Posing newborn with parents for photoshoot

I always encourage parents to join in on the newborn session.  We usually get these family and parent poses with newborn done at the beginning of the session (so that mom and dad have not melted in the 80 degree temperature that the studio is kept at to provide baby with a cozy environment).  If baby is totally sleepy, I try to go for a nakey baby pose, such as the Huck Finn pose in mom’s arms or the chin on hands pose.  If baby is awake or not fully asleep, and if parents prefer, we keep baby in a tight and comfy swaddle, and work on posing baby in mom or dad’s arms.Newborn posed with mother and father during a newborn session with Sophie Crew Photography in San Diego.

Well there you have it!  The ten most popular newborn photography posing ideas, and the poses I always strive for during my newborn sessions.  We may not achieve all of these, or we may get all ten of these poses twice during  a session.  Every baby is different, and my main priority is that baby is comfortable and content during our session.  Fellow newborn photographers, don’t forget that in any newborn photography pose, safety is always the TOP priority.  Always use common sense and keep your newborns safe through the use of composites, assistants if necessary and comfortable environments.  New to newborn photography and want to learn more about posing?  I have been mentoring fellow photographers for a couple of years now and would be thrilled to chat with you about a one on one newborn mentoring session!  Check out my Newborn Mentoring for Photographers page for more info!  Cheers!

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