Mr.Kissy Lips | Newborn Photography in San Diego

Sep 19, 2014

Introducing San Diego’s newest handsome newborn boy, Ezra… or as I call him – Mr. Kissy Lips.  Have you seen the adorableness yet?  Scroll down – seriously!

This sweet little guy came into the studio at 3 weeks old.  He did great, and we had a fun time posing this little cutie pie.  Well he did awesomely!  Sometimes parents worry that at 3 weeks old, their baby is past the prime posing age.  Although I like to have my babies come into the studio as early as possible, every baby is different, and many of my older newborns do great!  I have newborn babies that come to the studio at 5 days old and need a bit of comforting throughout the session, and I have 5 day old babies that come in already in dreamland and ready to rock and roll.  I also have older newborns (3 or 4 weeks) that come in and rock the sleepy posing as well!  In a sense, an older newborn has it’s benefits… he or she can show new parents when they like to sleep or feed.  Parents come to see me and tell me; “my newborn passes out right after a feed”, so we know just what to do right at the beginning of our session, or some mommies will tell me that in the past two weeks of life with their new baby, they have learned that baby is comforted by a pacifier, or by bouncing, or walking outside… So what I am trying to say, is that one of the benefits of having an older newborn come in for his or her session gives us the advantage of learning baby’s secrets.  What’s his or her sleep pattern, does baby have reflux and prefers certain positions?  So see, 3 weeks is not too late 🙂

Here are some images from handsome 3 week old Ezra’s newborn session:

Sophie Crew has years of newborn posing and artistic photography experience

San Diego Fine Art Newborn Photographer

San Diego's best newborn photographer

East County Newborn Photography

San Diego newborn portraits photography for baby

Artist Sophie Crew specializes in sweet newborn posing

Amazing newborn boy infant photographer in Studio

"Newborn Photography Professional Photographer and Artist"

San Diego's newborn infant baby photographer

San Diego official newborn portrait artist photography for baby

Photo session for newborn baby

Baby photography in San Diego newborn infant child baby

“Newborn Photography in San Diego” – Sophie Crew Photography, San Diego’s Premiere Newborn Photography Artist

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