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Hey Southern California Photographers!  Are you looking to learn or perfect your newborn photography?  I am proud to offer one-on-one hands-on newborn mentoring in Southern California for photographers.  Yep!  Right here in my San Diego newborn studio!  These newborn mentoring sessions are catered to what YOU need.  Although I will have prepared a general newborn mentoring session for you, each and every mentoring session will be slightly different based on what you wish to work on.

newborn mentoring in Southern California with infant photographer professional Sophie Crew Photography in San Diego, CA

Newborn Mentoring for Photographers | Newborn Posing

Our full day newborn mentoring session will begin around 9am in the studio.  We will meet, have some Starbucks, and get to know each other.  We will then begin to set up our studio in preparation for the morning’s full, three hour session with a newborn model, 2 weeks new or younger.  While we prep, we will pick out colors, textures, props and accessories together.  We will go over how to prepare for both sleepy and awake babies for a consistent workflow.  Around 10am and once the studio is ready, our newborn model will arrive.  Time for some baby snuggles!  During these three hours, we will go through my typical workflow, setups, posing, lighting angles, tips, tricks, etc.  As I teach you how to safely and artistically pose baby, we’ll discuss shooting angles, little details, etc. You’ll be able to photograph baby and to assist in posing to get a feel for it.  Weather permitting, we will also touch on a few outdoor newborn photography poses and will discuss the variances in handling a newborn outdoors.  We will cover as many poses as possible, and our mentoring session will be catered to your needs as we go along.

Mentoring for Photographers | Newborn Editing

Next up, lunch!  We’ll head to a nearby lunch spot to unwind, chit-chat, debrief and refuel!

The afternoon will be spent focusing on editing and workflow. Back to my home office to get in front of the computer for the next couple of hours.  We will pull up the images we captured earlier in the day, and work on editing our session.  I will be able to share tips and tricks to help with color balancing, skin smoothing and other newborn workflow tips in post processing.  We can also discuss any business related questions you may have!  We’ll debrief, and as I am sure you might be in information overload by the end of our day, I will be available via text, phone or Skype to keep in touch and answer any questions that will arise after our session.  Once our session is over, our relationship won’t be!  Keep in touch with me to let me know how you’re progressing, to ask questions or seek advice!

This full day, one-on-one newborn mentoring investment cost is $850.

Ready to book your newborn mentoring session?  Send me a message (below) and we’ll get started!

Newborn mentoring in Southern California



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