Newborn Mentoring: San Diego

Feb 8, 2017

Newborn Mentoring Photography

Sophie Crew Photography, San Diego, CA.

Handsome baby boy, Kalino, was our sweet model for my newborn mentoring session in the fall.  I love being able to provide mentoring workshops to fellow photographers wishing to better their posing and editing techniques.  If you’re a fellow photographer that is either starting out, have been in the business for a while or just want to learn about posing and comforting techniques in general, consider a newborn mentoring session!  These sessions are held as a 1:1 mentoring workshop in my San Diego newborn baby studio. I like being able to listen to the concerns of individual photographers and address them individually through hands-on training.

Baby Kalino was a doll for our session!  His parents prepared for our session by feeding him fully before coming to the studio, and arrived early to get their baby boy acclimated to the studio.  We started with some beanbag posing, as Kalino was nice and sleepy.  On the beanbag, we went through the most popular newborn poses: the froggy pose, the taco pose, head on arms, swaddle, etc…  Once we finished up with the beanbag, we took a feeding break while I set up for the next set of poses – props!  My DIY newborn sized prop chair is still a current favorite of mine, so of course I had to get a shot of cutie Kalino sitting in it!  We moved onto some swaddled images on the flokati rug and got him comfortable in a few swaddled poses.

Our mentoring session was great.  We went over some tips and tricks for achieving proper posing angles, talked about workflow during the session and had an enjoyable morning of cuddling a cute newborn!  Our afternoon consisted of hitting the iMac for some editing.  We chose a few images from our morning newborn session and went over editing each image from start to finish.

Here are a few images from this sweetie’s newborn mentoring session!

Newborn holds froggy pose during a newborn mentor session in San Digeo Newborn taco posing is covered during Sophie Crew Photography mentoring session Preparing for a newborn mentoring workshop Newborn posed on DIY posing pod with with gray tones Newborn half swaddled in blue on flokati Workshop for individual newborn photographers in California Newborn upright in swaddle on white blanket with hand peeking out Black and white image of newborn curled on beanbag Newborn wearing gray romper with bonnet Posing beanbag shapers under blanket help with posing Newborn head resting on arms pose Newborn asleep on white flokati rug Happy newborn cozy swaddle in simple colors Smiling and swaddled newborn simple

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  1. every photo is just so precious! so wonderful that you offer mentoring. Beautiful work!

  2. These are all super duper adorable but the hoodie ones win out for me for sure. What a cutie!

  3. You’re awesome!!

  4. Little peanut!!! I love the last two…lost in a dreamy wonderland in all that fabulous white!

  5. He is perfect. These photos are perfect! And this font is crazy cool…whoa! :)

  6. All the tiny fingers sticking out underneath the perfect little head. You’re killing me here.

  7. Hi
    Whole would be conducting mentoring program?

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