Before and After Newborn Posing in San Diego, CA

Apr 27, 2016

Before and After Newborn Posing in San Diego, CA

I had fun photographing sweet baby girl, Aria for our mini newborn session just a few weeks ago. She did a great job of snoozing our hour long studio session away.

Here is a fun little before and after comparison… I photograph all of my studio newborn sessions with my 35mm Nikon lens, which allows me to create composite shots pretty easily.  I use my left hand to pose and hold baby while I shoot with my right hand.  Almost always, this well known ‘froggy’ pose is a composite of two individual images.  For the first image, I hold baby’s arms while supporting the head with my own fingers under baby’s hands, and for the second image, I wait until baby is settled to transfer my hand up to baby’s head, holding her head and letting go of baby’s arms.  The reason behind this is that if baby suddenly jolts awake, their head and neck stay put, safely.  However, every now and then, baby is so sleepy and content, and their little bodies are proportioned perfectly to hold this pose, in addition to a snuggly ‘hold’ I create in the blankets below baby that create a sort of baby ‘nest’, that I am able to remove my hand from the shot.  In the SOOC image (straight out of camera), you don’t see my hand.  It is actually just above the image fame, just inches away from baby Aria ‘just in case’.  No matter how settled baby is, I always have a hand just inches away.  Baby Aria did not move at all for this pose – she was a little rock star!

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Have a great week, San Diego!