Newborn posing and photography mentoring session

Jun 11, 2016

Newborn Photography Workshops and Mentoring
Sophie Crew Photography


I had such a fun time meeting and mentoring fellow photographer, Ana, for our 1:1 newborn mentoring session just a few weeks ago!  Ana came down to my San Diego studio from Orange County, CA for a full day of instruction on prepping, posing, editing and business chat.  We started the morning by preparing the studio for our newborn model, going through the different possible scenarios that we might encounter during our newborn session, such as how to begin if baby arrives to the studio wide awake, awake but sleepy, sleepy but ‘fighting it’, etc… we laid out our different ‘stations’ throughout the studio and got to know each other as we chatted about the day to come.

Our adorable newborn model, Solomon, arrived ready to go!  We went through my typical poses and workflow, and even got a few adorable smiles from our full newborn session.  Baby Solomon cooperated well and showed us what a typical newborn session entails in regards to sleepy time (deep sleep vs. light sleep), breaks for feeding, proper comforting techniques, etc… We went through shooting angles, connection to baby through the lens, light placement, etc…  All in all, we had a fun-filled morning of newborn goodness!

After our session with this little cutie, we took a break for lunch, then jumped right back into it for our afternoon of editing, workflow and business chat.  We went through my general editing workflow, including common issues that are encountered in newborn editing (color adjustment, balancing, etc…) as well as my personal editing technique and style.  Editing for me, is where these captured images come to life.  It’s so fun to pull up the images in Photoshop and explain ‘so here is why we posed baby/positioned baby/angled ourselves/used this wrap/etc…’ as we look at the image ready to be edited and turned into art.

Ana, it was a huge pleasure to meet and to work with you!  I am so excited to keep up with you and to follow you through your newborn photography journey!  Special thanks to baby Solomon’s mommy for allowing us to photograph this sweet boy!

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For more information regarding a one-on-one newborn mentoring session or to host a newborn posing and editing workshop in your area, please email or click here to shoot me an inquiry via the website!