Newborn Twins in San Diego | Bruno and Martina

Nov 19, 2016

Twin Newborn Photography

San Diego Twin Baby Photographer

Meet the cutest and newest little newborn twins – Bruno and Martina!  These two cuties came to the studio earlier this week at just two weeks old for their twin newborn photography session.  They were both so cute and did a great job with sleeping and letting me pose them.

Photographing newborn twins is quite the task.  Thank goodness I had the assistance of these sweet babies’ parents that took part in helping out a ton during our session.  It’s funny – anytime I photograph twin newborns, I will set up one twin in a pose, then move over the twin to pose them, just as twin #1 will move out of the pose.  So then it’s back to fixing #1 while #2 moves… it’s so funny!

So, I thought it might be fun to check out some fun facts about twins.  I googled ‘fun facts about newborn twins’ and found this twin article….  Did you know that Nigeria is the country with the most twins while China has the least in the world?  Now you know something new… you’re welcome 🙂

Back to our adorable little duo… here are a few images from baby Bruno and Martina’s newborn twin photography session… enjoy!

Twin boy and girl newborns posed side by side on white flokati Pose ideas for newborn twins Newborn Twins in wooden crate in San Diego baby photography studio Newborn Twin Photographer Newborn twins in froggy pose side by side on white flokati rug

I love getting a ‘behind the scenes’ shot when I can, but I am usually super concentrated on my newborn subjects that I always forget.  I was posing Bruno and Martina with the help of their loving dads, and I suddenly felt the joy they had as they were helping out, and I had to just take a step back and take a quick shot 🙂Behind the scenes of a twin newborn photography session with twins in froggy pose Newborn twin boy poses during twin baby photo session Newborn girl in froggy pose How to pose a newborn Newborn baby in brown blanket San Diego Twins and Multiples Southern California newborn twin photographer Newborn posing chair San Diego Newborn twins posed on posing chair blue and pink newborn twins Newborn photographer in San Diego Newborn girl posed on posing pod Newborn on Posing Pod with romper Newborn twins in yellow basket

This shot totally cracks me up… sweet Martina is just smiling away, happy as can be, while Bruno gave us this cute little frowny face 🙂Newborn twin smile in basket prop Newborn Photography for twins and multiples in Southern California Best Newborn Twin Photography in San Diego, CA New Born Twins Newborn posing for twins in California 2 week old newborn baby posed in basket

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