Off to Kindergarten… | San Diego Child Photographer | Sophie Crew Photography

Sep 5, 2010

Kindergarten Portraits

San Diego Back to School Photographer

Sniff sniff…. my baby is starting kindergarten.  Where in the world has time gone?  I already know how Tuesday is going to go.  Me: taking pictures of my big girl, documenting every step of her first moments in the kindergarten ‘area’ at school, holding back tears and letting them flow once she steps into her classroom.  Ava?  Yeah she’ll give me one excited smack on the lips and run faster than the wind into her new world, with her new friends, her new teacher.  Ok enough sappy stuff… I’ll save that for Tuesday 😉  But for now, here are Ava’s beautiful Kindergarten portraits…

My friend Jennifer and I headed out to take some ‘back to school’  shots of our kiddos tonight… Thank goodness we didn’t encounter any rattlers… or get locked in the gates!  There have been so many times that I have heard of other photographers encountering rattle snakes during their photography sessions at Mission Trails!  I have managed to get locked in twice after closing… I swear, those gates close too soon, lol!