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San Diego Newborn and Baby Photographer Sophie Crew poses for her headshot on the Steel Canyon Bridge in Spring Valley, CA

Hi, I’m Sophie, and I love babies!  There was a time, years ago, when becoming a professional baby photographer was just a dream.  Getting to hang out with these little cuties as a profession?  Crazy talk!  Yep, the expression ‘I love my job’ doesn’t even begin to explain it…

My photography career started when my first daughter, Ava, was born 18 years ago. I wanted to capture her perfect, tiny little newborn essence before it was too late. This was way back when I didn’t even own a ‘real’ camera, or knew what I was doing in any way.  With no photography education, I picked up my point-and-shoot pocket camera – you know, what we have now replaced with iPhones – took my sweet newborn Ava, placed her on my bed with her girlie-colored blankets, and started to pose and photograph this beautiful little girl.

I remember deciding with confidence ‘Ha, I don’t need to hire a professional newborn photographer, I can do this myself’….

Well, it turns out, I was terrible.

Lighting, posing, angles, details.  Yuck.  I mean, as a mom, those images were beautiful and I will cherish them forever, but professional?  Goodness, no.  I really should have not said the line above… with confidence, lol.

But that was my “click” moment. I was so in love with what could be created and captured forever in newborn photography that I decided to learn more. So I got a better camera, learned about lighting, exposure, posing, and handling, and began photographing my friends’ newborn babies. Then I photographed friends of friends’ newborn babies. As time passed, I gained the confidence to turn my passion and hobby into a profession.

And Sophie Crew Photography, your San Diego Newborn Photographer was born.

My career as a High School French teacher came to a halt, and I dove right into the most amazing, rewarding and sweet career ever… capturing your precious newborn babies, and beautifully freezing time just for a second, before they grow any older.

A little about me…

I have two beautiful daughters, Ava and Emma… you’ll see them frequently on the blog as they are – as you guessed it – my little guinea pigs for new locations, props and photography ideas.  Check out the Back to School blog posts to read up on what’s going on in their lives.

I am married to the most awesome guy ever!  As a Marine Corps Veteran, Brian is a San Diego Realtor who works almost exclusively with military and veterans, successfully running his San Diego Military Realtor company: Tip of the Spear Real Estate Team.

Birkenstocks are my favorite.  Rain outside?  Birks.  Snow up in Big Bear?  Birks with socks (I know, terrible).  Anywhere and any time? Birkenstocks.

I love chocolate.  Dark chocolate to be exact.  Oh, and sushi.  Hamachi nigiri for the win!

I like to go for runs and hikes with my awesome family, including our Golden Retriever, Molly and black Lab, Kona.

Do you have any questions for me?  Feel free to shoot over a message my way!

  • Sophie Britton, San Diego Newborn Photographer, CA.


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