Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Being a Newborn Photographer

Jun 19, 2017

PTop 5 Reasons I LOVE Being a Newborn Photographer

Loving the Art of Baby Photography

I love being a newborn photographer!  My photography career began with the birth of my first daughter, Ava, almost 12 years ago.  Without a ‘real’ camera, any photography training or experience posing newborns, I decided that I would take it upon myself to photograph my newborn for her birth announcement (you can read my full story here).  I remember clearly thinking ‘I don’t need to hire a professional – I can do this myself’.  Haha.  It must have been the lack of sleep that got me thinking such silly thoughts… because with just a point and shoot camera, lighting from a bedroom lamp and complete inexperience with newborn posing and safety, my sweet newborn’s portraits were pretty… uhh.. pretty bad!  But, THAT was the moment I realized that this was for me!  I loved being able to capture the tiny sweetness of my baby girl and wanted so badly to learn more and more about the art of newborn photography.  I knew that this was meant for me.  Newborn photography was my thing!  It has now been almost twelve years since that ‘a-ha’ moment, and I am still so in love with photographing newborns!  Let’s count down my top five reasons I love being a newborn photographer!  Oh, and to help and some cuteness to this blog post, I’ll be sharing a few of baby Ricky’s images from a recent newborn session!  Welcome to the world, baby Ricky!!

Reason #5 – I get to help new parents!
Most of my newborn clients are first time parents, and all have that same feeling I know I had when my first daughter was born – “where’s the owner’s manual”?  Yep, these precious little beings don’t come with instructions.  I seriously remember my panic when the nurse handed me my daughter and wheeled us down to our recovery room where I was going to be on my own.  With my daughter.  And no instructions.  Lol!  I love being able to offer advice and experiences from my own babies (personally and professionally) that might help a new parent with this whole new parenting thing.  I often chat with new moms about the struggles of nursing, umbilical cord smells, calming techniques and so much more.

Newborn smiling as he is posed for his potato sack newborn pose

Reason #4 I get to be creative!
I am constantly keeping an eye out at antique shops, Goodwill and fabric stores for cool and unique newborn props and materials.  Every time I get a new prop, blanket or headband, I get so excited about coordinating colors and textures.  With each new prop, I imagine how I will incorporate posing, colors, etc… and as each baby is different, I get to modify colors and poses as I go along to best fit baby and to be as creative as I can be.

Newborn baby posed in a metal bucket with moss green bonnet and blanket in baby photography studio in San Diego

Reason #3  I love the challenge!
Every baby is different!  I’ve photographed 4 lbs preemies and 12 lbs newborns.  4 day old babies and 5 week old babies.  Really sleepy, super tense, happily awake, frowny, smiley, poopy… you name it, I have photographed them all!  And I love it!  I love that every single newborn I get in the studio is different.  It keeps me on my toes!  With every newborn, I get to learn their little personalities.  Are they going to be super sleepy and relaxed?  Are they going to need extra comfort and cuddles?  I get so excited when a new baby arrives and I get to spend time learning about them!

Newborn posing taco pose San Diego mentor for baby photographers

Reason #2 I get to take part in these most special moments in life!
The birth of a new baby… for me, will always be one of the most magical and special times in my life.  The fact that I get to share in this time with new parents makes me so happy!  Parents come to me sleep deprived, exhausted, but so full of love for their new baby.  I get to be there for that!  I get to experience a new mom shed a tear because she looks over to her baby that I am posing and is so in love, or the father that looks at his wife or partner with such awe and love for what they have just experienced together.  These are moments that will always be happy and beautiful.  How cool is that!

Newborn boy posed on his daddy's chest with mom for a studio portrait in San Diego

Reason #1  I do it for the snuggles!
Ohhhh the newborn snuggles!  Ok, so my kids are too big for me to rock and  ‘shuuuush’ to sleep.  I mean, my middle-school, tween daughter would likely strangle me if I even tried to rock her.  Lol!  I do miss those cuddles and snuggles with my own babies, and LOVE being able to snuggle your babies!  That newborn smell, their peeling feet, their sweet noises, smiles during sleep… newborns are so beautiful and perfect, and I LOVE being able to hang out with these teeny beings!

Newborn baby posed in froggy pose on light brown backdrop fabric during a san diego newborn photography session with Sophie Crew photography Baby boy sitting in froggy pose during Southern California newborn photography session Father holds his infant son during a photography session for his newborn in San Diego Photography for mothers of newborn boys in San Diego Infant boy in a white bowl with green and brown colors San Diego Newborn Baby Photography Newborn boy in blue blanket posed with a quilt pillowcase San Diego newborn photographer Sophie Crew shares an image of a baby boy posed in a metal bucket with green bonnet and blanket sleeping during his newborn photo shoot Newborn posed in Campfire Marshmallow vintage antique tin during his sleepy newborn photography session in San Diego, CA Newborn boy bundled in gray tones with gray bear bonnet Newborn potato sack pose in gray bonnet and gray fur layer Gray flokati, bonnet and wrap for baby boy potato sack pose Professional newborn photographer Sophie Crew Photography poses a newborn safely for the potato sack pose how to San Diego newborn photographer poses a swaddled newborn on a blue backdrop Newborn smiles during his baby photo shoot as he is comfortably swaddled and comforted to sleep on a blue beanbag Newborn boy smiles during his swaddle pose Newborn boy posed artistically and safely during his professional newborn photo session in San Diego Sleepy newborn poses with his hands carefully placed under his cheek on a brown backdropSan Diego Newborn Photography Studio in East County San DiegoNewborn posed like a taco with toes and fingers placed under baby's chinSophie Crew Photography poses a baby boy for his newborn photo session in El Cajon, CA Ideas for posing newborns in drawer with pillow case as a backdrop 5 reasons I love being a newborn photographer

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