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Jul 27, 2022

Posed Newborn Photography with Twins

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Can I tell you how much I love twin newborn photography?  These twin newborn photography sessions are always so much fun, and as much as you may think that they must be so difficult to shoot, they really are not difficult at all.  With just the right prior planning, these twin photography sessions go seamlessly and the results are amazing!

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Twins are the cutest – who could resist double the snuggles?  Did you know that twins make up about 3.2% of births in the US?  I was lucky enough to have three sets of twins come to the studio for their twin newborn sessions this past month.  Three sets!

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So how do newborn photography sessions for multiples go?  Well, like I said, prior planning goes a long way.  For my newborn twin sessions in the studio, I always prepare for a plan A and a plan B.  Plan A accounts for the babies, both individually and together, being sleepy and ready for intricate newborn posing.  Plan B accounts for the same setup, but focuses more on either candid or swaddled shots if baby (or babies) are awake and not ready yet to pose.  Generally though, I offer preparation instructions to parents so they know what to expect in the studio in terms of feedings, studio temperature and other factors that will help the babies sleep and be comfortable and snoozy for their newborn session.

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I like to have most of my twin photography setups in the studio account for an individual snap of each baby, then, one of them together.  For the froggy pose for example, I begin with posing one twin, taking the shot, then adding the second twin, taking the together shot, then removing baby A to get baby B’s individual shot.  Although they are so crazy cute together, and I absolutely love those twin shots, I know they are their own individual beings and might appreciate their own photos just as much as the ones together with their twin.

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Generally, my newborn twins will come into the studio around 2-4 weeks old, as often times, one or both of the babies might need a little extra NICU time before they’re ready to come home.  Sometimes, they come in even later, around 8 weeks as not only are there recovery times but also adjustment times for families adding these two sweet babies to their lives.  It can get hectic!

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Twin newborn photography is such a sweet specialization that I just love so much.  Are you expecting twins or triplets and are in San Diego, Orange or Riverside County?  I would love to photograph your sweet babies!  Please reach out below to book our posed newborn photography session for your twins.

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