Twins! | San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer | Sophie Crew Photography

Dec 9, 2010

I will admit, when I got an inquiry for twin newborn babies that were already 5 weeks old, I was a bit nervous – normally, babies at 5 weeks old don’t like to ‘bend and curl’ as much as babies that are just days old, they don’t sleep as soundly, their baby acne has set in…  well these two twin babies were an absolute dream.  They were so in synch with each other, and even though they both have their individual personalities that are so clear, it’s amazing how twins just ‘know’ they have each other.  I think it’s absolutely amazing that these two will grow up as best friends.   Our session was awesome, and I was so lucky to have my fellow photographer  friend Jen come and assist during our shoot.  These babies have an exciting few months ahead of them.  Soon, they will be on a plane to China to meet their grandparents, then they will be headed home to Australia.  Thank you so much, Z family for allowing me the opportunity to photograph these little cuties!

San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer

San Diego Newborn Twin Photographer

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