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Aug 11, 2016

Twins San Diego Twin Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world, August and Eleanor – San Diego’s newest little set of newborn twins!  These cuties came to the studio with their adorable big brother, Owen.  How exciting that he gets not only a little brother, but a little sister too!  I am so excited for these three siblings to grow up together and have so much fun!

August and Eleanor were super adorable.  People always ask me if photographing newborn twins is super difficult.  Well, in a sense, it is.  I mean, it’s posing, patience, shuuuushing and comforting times two.  But it’s so rewarding!  I love photographing newborn multiples!  Sometimes, newborn twins or triplets don’t necessarily want to sleep at the exact same time, so it’s often a waiting game to get them both sleepy and posed in unison.  With twin newborns, I play in by ear with posing.  If one is awake and one is asleep, I focus on getting individual poses from each – sleepy poses from the twin that’s snoozing, and eye-contact shots from the twin that’s wide awake.  These two cuties were on that schedule for most of our session.  When the finally did fall asleep at the same time, it was GO time!  Working quickly and patiently to get them posed so sweetly was so much fun.  I did require some help from August and Eleanor’s parents with keeping them in a certain position once I posed them so that I could work on baby #2.  Once both were posed, we let go and snapped away!  I love how peaceful and comfortably they both posed together, side by side.   So cute!

Here are a few shots from our twin newborn session in the studio…. enjoy 🙂

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