How to display newborn photos

Aug 30, 2022

Ideas on what to order from your newborn photography session

Have you just booked your newborn photography session and are excited to display your beautiful newborn portraits around the house?  There are so many options for ways to display your new art.  Did you know that children that grow up in homes with portraits and photos proudly displayed actually boosts their self esteem?  Not only do you get to provide your new baby the ability to feel comfort and belonging as they grow through their childhood, but also, you get to decorate your home with beautiful portraits of the most important tiny humans in your lives.  Let’s dive in and take a look at all of the beautiful ways on how to display newborn photos in your home!

Top 5 best ways to show off your newborn photos

Drumroll please… here are my favorite products that I not only offer to my own clients as a San Diego Newborn Photographer, but truly believe are the best newborn photography products that really work beautifully in any home.

1.  Professional Photo Albums
newborn photo album where to order newborn photo album
Albums are classic.  Professional albums ordered through your photographer will last throughout generations, allowing your great grandchildren to enjoy seeing their grandparents as newborns.  I always recommend ordering one 10×10 or 12×12 sized album, as well as a second ‘parent’ album.  These albums are typically smaller (I recommend 8×8 size).  Here’s why!  One day, your tiny little newborn will be all grown up with children of their own.  With two separate albums, you can hand off one of those albums to your now grown child to share with his or her family, all while being able to hold onto another copy for your own home.  Albums are great because you can either keep them displayed on a coffee table or shelf, and they are always a centerpiece of conversation when you have guests over.  Everyone will pick up that beautiful album of your new baby and oooh and ahhh and all of the cuteness!

2.  Matted Prints
what should i buy for my newborn photo shoot where to get professional newborn photos
Matted prints are a perfect way to proudly display your newborn photos.  The clean, white mat around that beautiful image really accentuates the art and will make your home walls look like an art gallery!  Matted prints can be ordered in most sizes.  My favorite size for a matted print is a 7×10 image matted to 11×14.  I offer a handful of these in a beautiful acrylic box for safekeeping when the prints are not being used on the walls.  Cluster 6, 8, or even twenty of these beautiful matted prints for a clean, gallery wall in your own home.

3.  Gallery Wrapped Canvas
best places to order canvas newborn session
Canvases are a great way to display your newborn photos.  Canvases ordered through your professional newborn photographer are generally gallery grade canvas, that will last a very, very long time.  Gallery wrapped canvases have a mirrored border, meaning that your photographer will ensure that your image will not be cropped down to fit the whole canvas surface, but rather, the image will be mirrored or stretched on the sides, so that it gives the illusion that your image is fully wrapped around the edges.  My favorite size for a gallery wrapped canvas is a 24×36.  No, it’s not ‘too big’.  It’s actually the perfect size for above the fireplace or couch.  It’s perfect!

4.  Photos Printed on Wood
photos on wood newborn
Wood prints are one of my favorite products.  They are unique, sturdy and beautiful.  I find these wood prints work so well with a home with a farmhouse themed decor.  Professional wood prints come in a variety of sizes.  My personal favorite is the 20″ round wood print.  I have a few different shapes and sizes on display in my photography studio in Santee.  With the wood print, the image is not directly printed on the wood, but rather the print is carefully applied to the surface of the wood to allow for the image to not lose any color or contrast.  A light texture is applied and the edges are sanded down to look professionally finished.

5.  Swivel and Flip Canvas Frames
Newborn photos on canvas
This product is so cool and so incredibly unique.  This is truly a custom product that will look great on any shelf or tabletop.  Here’s the scoop – two 8×10 canvases are ordered and shipped from my professional print lab to my woodworker in Idaho.  Once he receives the two canvases, he carefully crafts a beautiful wood frame around them, presenting one canvas on one side, and one canvas on the other side.  He has two options – one is a swivel frame, where you move the frame from side to side, and the other is a flip frame, meaning you flip the frame from top to bottom to reveal the opposite side.  It comes in three different wood stain colors and it is such a perfect answer to how to display newborn photos in a unique and beautiful way.

Well there you have it!  How to display newborn photos in your home.  I hope that this list has helped guide you through decorating your home with sweet portrait of your new bundle of joy.

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